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Getting into Indoor Gardening

It’s a difficult time of the year to be a gardener. It’s cold outside and there is still a long wait for spring. I’ve slowly been getting into indoor gardening again. I had some enthusiasm for it while I was still in gardening school, but the dark winters and my dry indoor air was never a good combination for it. These days I have more light in my home and I’ve worked a bit on my indoor environment. I still have some remodelling to do, but there are already a few new places for indoor plants.

In the first picture there is a Chlorophytum and a Streptocarpus.


This is a bouquet from my garden towards the end of the summer.


Some cacti that I’ve been growing ever since I used them in a photo shoot about two years ago. They wait for their final place in my home.

The Old Double Borders

I guess I have almost been ignoring my old double borders here on In real life I appreciate them very much and I like how (moderately) easy they are to manage now that they are mature. 15 years old it seems, at least according to the old photographs I have from the time the soil was first turned. It was a lot of digging and soil improvement at the time and I remember that I bribed one of my cousins to help me with an old Mitsubishi soil rotator. I think I had given him a lift somewhere and he owed me a favour. The rotator was old even then and it’s still going strong thanks to my uncle’s tender care. (I would not be surprised if it’s almost 40 years old.)

This was the start. And my cousin with a blurred face and the rotator.
I added the pergola last year. My own design, but obviously an Ulf Nordfjell rip off. Two builders actually built it, it wasn’t that complicated, but still easier for two people and I suspect I might have had a hard time in getting the whole thing straight if I had attempted it myself.

Rosa helenae ‘Hybrida’ likes the pergola.

The peach and pink part.

Achillea ‘Lachsschönheit’

Blue, purple and red.

Blue, grey and white when the fence was new and the border a lot slimmer.

Piia Anneli @ anneliviaJuly 20, 2013 - 09:14

Ihana nähdä tuota kehitystä, mahtavan runsasta ja niin kauniita kasvivalintoja. Pergola on upean yksinkertainen, tykkäisin itsekin tuollaisesta. Hienoa jälkeä kokonaisuudessaan.

HAJuly 20, 2013 - 17:01

Kiitos! Onhan siinä ollut haasteensa, mutta nyt kokonaisuus on aika ok :-) Myyrät viihtyvät tuolla valitettavan hyvin..

A First Moment

I think my new border is having it’s first moment..

MelliJune 27, 2013 - 21:51

HernepensaskujanneJune 29, 2013 - 18:20

Upeita kuvia ja ideoita täällä blogissasi – oikea varsinainen blogilöytö =)

HAJuly 3, 2013 - 11:28

Kiitos Hernepensaskujanne! Puutarhaharrastus on ihanaa, nytkin se veisi kaikki valveilla olevat tunnit jos siihen vain pystyisi :-)

Border Building

Almost the whole border

Time flies when you have a lot to do… Work, renovating more than half my home and tackling this beast of a border that I started on last fall. The border is going fairly well.

I’ve improved the soil in the shade curve with lots of peat based compost and I’m doing the same with the rest of it. Last fall I bought garden soil (around 20 tonnes) and it has been good in the sense that it is weed free (not counting all the maple seeds that since landed in it and then germinated) and it seems to be nicely fertilized. What I’m not so happy about is that it is a lot more compact than I would prefer. Hence, the continued improvement with the peat based compost. I want my soil light and airy and I know a lot of plants like it that way too. In some parts I have added gravel to the mix too.  I am a bit vary about adding leaf and branch compost since the one we have frequently has weed parts in it. Some wood chips have also gone in to the mix.

The shaded curve in the back, planting going on in the front

But, the FUN part, planting: I added a lot of tulip bulbs that I got on sale last fall after it turned out that Matkahuolto was incompetent enough not to understand my address and sent back my Dutch bulbs. The bulbs were a bit more run of the mill than I had intended, but they flower nicely enough all the same!

I have also planted a lot of plants that have been waiting for a new home for quite a while, a lot of things that had been raised from seed and I have transferred plants that were growing in bad spots. I also ordered a few rarities from Kevock and I did some shopping at a large fair in Türi last weekend. My local garden center (Muhevainen)  has made some contributions as well… 

The end of the shade border with Carex morrowii ‘Ice Dance’ and Rhododendron ‘Princess Anne’.

I still need to place a few stepping stones in the middle of the border, plant a lot of small plants, move some larger ones from elsewhere and tackle the steps that run through the border. So there is a lot to do, I hope my flu goes away quickly. Had it not been for it, I would be outside digging right now;-)

Glaucidium palmatum var. leucanthum in improved soil.

(It is annoying, wordpress seems to have some picture uploading issues and I’ve been forced to use photobucket – and my pictures get resized…)


Piia Anneli @ anneliviaMay 21, 2013 - 09:30

Vautsi, aikamoinen työ tuossa istutusalueessa! Minäkin hikoilen samassa hommassa, multia sekoitellen ja varpaat mustana :) Ihanaa, kun vihdoinkin voi!

HAMay 22, 2013 - 13:13

Tätä vuodenaikaa saisi jatkua monta kuukautta!

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