Trillium Highlights


Another plant genus that was loving my new border this past year was the Trilliums.

I had ordered a few new ones from Kevock in 2013 and they all made it through their first winter! Trillium recurvatum was not that impressive yet and naturally Trillium rivale was quite small, as it should be.


Trillium kurabayashii though, was already quite impressive! (Above)


Out of my old Trilliums, the T. erectums continue to thrive. They seem to manage fine even in quite dry soil. (Above and below)


Trillium grandiflorum ‘Snowbunting’ (below) had an impressive showing of two flowers [yes I’m a bit sarcastic], but it is a slow grower, as they all are.


I got Trillium flexipes ‘Harvington Selection’ (in the first picture) from Wisley’s plant shop in 2012 and it is really cute. I also have a red Trillium flexipes (below) from 2013.


Trillium cuneatum (below) is an old friend that I’ve had almost 10 years and it still blooms with just a few stems. It does not have very fertile soil, but a bit more growth would still have been appreciated.


I’ve also had Trillium albidum for a long time. It has been doing great, but I am slightly worried now since I did some digging close to it. It actually has a mild but very pleasant scent. It is also fairly large for a Trillium (below).


My Trillium luteum is about as old as the T. cuneatum, but it has actually had just one flower! It used to have just a leaf for several years. You really need patience with this genus:-)


I hope I have identified these Trilliums correctly, I’ve consulted my database and done some googling, but in the end Trilliums are a little difficult and exotic. You actually don’t get that many reliable google hits! (Shows what a plant nerd I am 😉 )

To round-up, another gallery of these and past (+foreign) Trilliums seen on this blog:

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  • Maria - December 28, 2014 - 21:52

    Wau miten monia eri lajikkeita sinulla onkaan ja vielä ihan harvinaisuuksia! Kolmilehdet eivät ole Suomessa kai vielä kovin yleisessä tietoisuudessa; haaveilen itsekin näitä metsäpuutarhaan.ReplyCancel

    • HA - December 31, 2014 - 13:40

      Kiitos Maria! Täytyy myöntää, että näitä mä olen todellakin keräillyt. Ihan taimi tai kaksi vuodessa ja yleensä joltain ulkomaanmatkalta tai nettitilauksen kautta. Mulla on yksi ystävä Blomsterodlingens vännereissä, joka osaa paljon, häneltä olen oppinut kaikenlaista. Kirjoitin hänestä jutun Viherpihaan aikaisemmin tänä vuonna :-)ReplyCancel

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